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February 14, 2011
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A “Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement” is an agreement that is executed between a lender, landlord and tenant as part of a lease transaction whereby, essentially, the tenant is protected from the termination of it’s lease upon a foreclosure of the lender’s lien (landlord’s loan). I address the SNDA in detail in my article found at SP-#3328973-v1-Visiting_and_Re-Visiting_Subordination__Non-Disturbance_and_Attornment_Agreements It’s an extremely important document because if the lease is subordinate (later in time) to the lender’s lien, a foreclosure will, in most states, extinguish the lease. While it’s always been an important document, it has received much more attention in our struggling real estate market due to the tenuous financial condition of many landlord’s. In fact, most leases simply require that the landlord deliver this agreement to the tenant at some point after execution of the lease. The problem with scenario is that this obligation is often an easily forgotten post closing item which does not raise its ugly head until there is a foreclosure of the tenant’s premises. In fact, I just finalized a lease transaction where we heavily  negotiated the SNDA because we were dealing with a Special Servicer.  Ergo– the landlord’s loan was in the process of re-structure and the potential for foreclosure in the near future was a real possibility. Best case is to get the SNDA executed and delivered by all three parties concurrently with the execution of the lease. That way everybody can go forward with warm and fuzzy feelings!

Speaking of warm and fuzzy feelings, today is a very special day in the hearts and wallets of every couple in love and CEO’s of greeting card companies and confectionery vendors (sorry for the image above–I could not resist!) The importance of this day, aka, “Saint Valentines Day” was hammered into my head over 20 years ago when, on the eve of a closing for one of my largest clients, I was forced to contact my bride and attempt to move our romantic dinner date to another night. She immediately informed me that I was to tell this “bell weather” client to go to “H-E double toothpicks”, because today was Valentine’s Day! Needless to say, I got the message.  Actually, V-Day was originally a religious holiday established by the Pope in 496 AD in honor of one or more Christian martyrs (Saint Valentine being the most notable). It was eventually deleted from the Roman calendar in 1969 by Pope Paul VI (unmarried of course) but remains a popular (to some) day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery and sending greeting cards. Frankly, I celebrate V-day every day—just ask my wife!


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