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POA Mystery Revealed | June 22, 2011

This week I decided to share a presentation I am doing for some clients on Property Owner’s Associations (POA’s). With the advent of so many mixed use projects (residential/retail/commercial) this topic has expanded beyond the local HOA we all know and love. Frankly, there are very few projects these days that don’t have some sort of community association twist. As such, as I meander through transactions I find that my colleagues, let alone their clients, know very little about how these associations work or are structured. In fact, while they look very complex, once you know where to look for the laws that affect them and are familiar with the documents that create and operate them, you will find that they serve a very valuable purpose and are essentially easy to understand and navigate. The article I have attached takes you from soup to nuts on the purpose of a POA and the laws that govern them in conjunction with the documents that control their operation. Nuts_and_Bolts_of_Community_Organizations.D… This article provides a basic framework for those of us who work with POA’s every day and for those of you who get drafted to serve on your own HOA (Advise-NEVER miss the annual meeting of your own HOA-you will be sorry).

As far as I am concerned, summer is the time to lighten up a little bit. For those of you who have not wasted countless hours on the website www.damnyouautocorrect.com you are certainly missing out on a real treat. Here’s a tastehttp://damnyouautocorrect.com/9683/coming-out/  And here’s a hint–turn yours OFF!


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